My Preferences


Comments (On anything): No

Skype: No, I never use it.

DeviantArt Notes: Maybe

Discord: Yes

Forum: Yes, especially if it's a forum I am already on.

Google Docs: Yes

My Post Length

A few sentences: No, I need to be able to flesh things out!

One to three paragraphs: Higher end of this is my comfort zone!

Four to six paragraphs: Lower end is also my comfort zone! And I can do six if needed!

Six or more: Probably not every post, but every once in a while I may pop out one post like this.

Pages: Nah, I'm not *that* good at writing.


Depends on the character, though be warned, for most it is not possible.

I refuse to roleplay explicit sexual situations.


If one of my characters dies, it will not be canon to the stories of any of my characters!

Mild Violence (Hair pulling, slapping, etc.): Yes

Fist Fights: Yes

Full Violence (Stabbings, gunshots, etc.): Talk to me about it first!

Non-sexual Torture: Definitely ask me first.

Sexual Violence: No, that makes me very uncomfortable.


Bad Grammar: Depends. If English is your first language, then severely bad grammar will be rejected. If English is not your first language, or your grammar mistakes are hardly noticable, it's fine.