Zepto Second


Available for RP?: LIMITED*

Gender: Female

Interested in: Females

Personality: Zepto is very scatterbrained and is quite the chatterbox.

She tends to use her motor mouth to ask questions, due to her natural curiosity, though she also has a very good memory and is willing to share plenty of information, especially if you give her a bit of fruit. However, she tends to ramble when you ask her for a story, so she often annoys the more impatient of her listeners, even if they asked for her to tell them things.

She feels the need to have a travelling buddy nearly at all times. Otherwise, she gets lonely and it clouds her judgement even more than usual.

She also likes to assign nicknames to her friends, which is most creatures because her definition of the word 'friend' includes anyone who even responds to her.

Overall, she is a very extroverted and ditzy bat who can be useful if you need information and are patient.

Her favorite fruits are bananas and mangoes, but she usually eats the latter as bananas are quite rare. Her goal is to have as many friends as possible, and she believes her skill of sharing information will be useful for this. She is essentially a very naive and optimistic chaotic good type of gembound. She dislikes being ignored or avoided, accidentally eating fruit that isn't ripe, and cramped spaces.